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I’ve got that weird genetic flaw that causes me to want to take on that special kind of pain that only entrepreneurial people understand. via @dharmesh


I’m Joey Digital, and I’m passionate about alot of stuff.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughful, committed people can change the world….

My Journey

Summer of 1996: Learned HTML at Tuskegee University RADHS (Pre-College Engineering Program)

Fall 1997: Enrolled…

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things i write

A little bit of what's on my mind...

SXSW Was Awesome…I Even Heard The “Call” To Be A Bone Marrow Donor

It’s been an amazing last few weeks for the kid. We launched Goodie Hack,…

Goodie Hack Huge Update: Free Registration // Sponsors + Prizes + Judges + Mentors Added

Goodie Hack is this Saturday, and I have TONS of awesome updates to share! Buckle…

How 70 Hours At The Hive Global Leaders Program Transformed My Life

I am a new person.

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of being in…

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things i do

I work with passionate people to implement great ideas

In the process of doing that I learn and produce various things. Some of that is shared on this site. If what you read and see interests you, then feel free to say hello.

these things include

  • sf35

    sf35 introduces high-performance capacity entrepreneurs from under-served communities to experienced advisors for dedicated counsel and ...

  • The Architects

    Special Events Development Group. Primary missions include unconventional promotion x special reconnaissance x direct action ...

quotes i live by

The music you listen to is a reflection of how you see the world.

Phonte (The Foreign Exchange) - ONE MusicFest 2011

Be a force for good.

Evan Williams - Twitter