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Are You A Composer Or Performer? Increasing The Odds For Entreprenuerial Success

posted on
April 1st, 2011
written by
Joey Digital

[As you may have guessed, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship as I firmly believe helping young black entrepreneurs master the Lean Startup framework will have a fundamental impact on the African-American race. Subsequently, I’m giddy about the upcoming Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference (May 22 – 25th in Atlanta).]

I encourage you to take a few minutes, and read Steve Blank’s article on the intangibles of entrepreneurship. Focus on the last paragraph:

It may be we can increase the number of founders and entrepreneurial employees, with better tools, more money, and greater education. But it’s more likely that until we truly understand how to teach creativity, their numbers are limited.

Now combine that idea with Cameron Herold’s awesome  speech (embedded below) at TED on identifying entrepreneurial traits early in a person’s life (whether they are a composer or performer), and you have a formula for entrepreneurial success.



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