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All-Star Events / Atlanta Startup Week / CIAA / SXSW

posted on
February 15th, 2013
written by
Joey Digital

In Houston For All-Star Weekend? //

I made a list of recommended events here.

My “How To Plan + Promote Awesome Events in The State of Florida” Course Update //

I’m learning a TON: from textbook storyboarding, to production, to lesson breakdown. And after watching the video from my first lecture, it is now apparent that I’m a weird dude. It was pretty painful.

Had an issue uploading all of the lectures yesterday, so I’ll wait until next week to give you guys a real course update.

Atlanta Startup Week //

The Atlanta entrepreneur ecosystem is really starting to take off. We had a packed house at Hub Atlanta for Founders Therapy, and the Black Founders HBCU Hack-a-thon was awesome. @BrothaTech has a recap here and one of the participants recapped his experience here. You can also see all the action by searching #hbcuhacks on Twitter and Instamgram

*Disclaimer: I was an advisor to the winning team.

And next week is huge with Startup Rally on Monday, Startup Riot on Wednesday, and Govathon on Friday.

CIAA Weekend //

I’m going to try to make it to Charlotte for CIAA Weekend at the huge of the month/beginning of March. At the very least, I’ll provide a list of recommended events. Anybody want to be my tour guide?


I’m trying to build on the momentum of everything going on in Atlanta’s entrepreneur ecosystem by traveling to the Mecca of Entrepreneurship…SXSW (Interactive Part) next month.

I’ll keep you updated…



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